This book is in English.

This book is for you:
1. If you want to become meat free or
2. If you simply want to reduce your intake of meat.
The Go Green Diet helps you to gain more energy, more easily lose weight, and become happier and healthier.
The Go Green Diet helps you to:
1. Optimize health: Normalize weight and stay slender, improve health and prevent disease.
2. Enjoy food more: Enjoy tastier foods, more delicious foods, a greater variety of foods and eating more without gaining weight.
3. Be happier: Feel lighter, be calmer and have more energy.
As a side benefit, you will help humanity, as going on a green diet is a way to combat global warming, feed all the people on the planet and treat animals with more kindness. You will never go hungry – instead, your stomach will be full and deeply satisfied, getting all the essential nutrients and staying fully nourished every bit of the way with delicious, hearty and tasty meals.

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