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These service are offered only in the UK.

The seminar is the most highly recommended choice for everyone as there is more time to get an in-depth analysis of the root cause for each individual and more time to give detailed instructions for the treatments.

Even though it is in a group, each individual gets personal advice. Even though two seminars may have the same topic, they are always new and different, as the seminar is based on the individual symptoms of the participants on that partciular day, and includes the latest scientific documentation for each particular area.

Seminars are various topics, such as on sleep, memory and focus, prevention, female monthly cycle, menopause, allergies, heart diesase, rejuvenation, digestion, weight loss, head disorders (headache, eyes, ears, nose, throat).

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Group Seminar, Consultation (Two People), Personal Consultation (One Hour), Follow-up Consultation (30 min.)


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